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August 23, 2023

So today marks the official start to the blog. Some things that have been going on in my life is web developing and continuing to set up the website for an online exchange for cryptocurrencies.

My dream is to one day have a decentralized exchange that is 100% transparent and non controlled by the government. This is hard to do, because the government is trying to break down on regulations every day. A peer to peer network is starting to fade out of reality. People are starting to get in line with the CBDC (a centralised banking digital currency). Beause we all know the safest spot for our money is with who the people who loan it out faster than we can give it to them. Only insure up to a certain amount and then when things don't work out... say "sorry, we can't help you with getting your money back because us as a bank don't technically hold your money...we're all on loan."


How does that seem like a fair society? We trust banks with our money... they loan it out... they spend to much... they file for aid... and then the people pay the bank in stimulus money. DOUBLE TAXATION. Peer to Peer is starting to seem better.

February 27, 2024

The market is coming to a T this week. The rug pull of rug pulls is suppose to happen but it won’t. Why? I have messed with their plans and now approximately 1% of the market. What started as 1/1000 has now turned 10x. They shorted my money for the past 3 years and I lost $120k but the thing about crypto debt… it doesn’t go away… so when I shut them all out at losses and flipped all my avg price paid… crypto is not like stocks where you can just dilute and sell more.

21,000,000 is the most beautiful number and should be treasure. I am Infinity. The banks know that the 1% equals infinity. They owe me infinity and that is crazy and unfathomable to understand.