South Texas

Pivotal was born in South Texas. He was raised outdoors with hunting, fishing, and family gatherings accompanied with blue grass/gospel music. The southern influence of soul struck deep.

Southern Cali

At a young age, pivotal relocated with his family to Southern California to enjoy the dessert heat and south Cali beats. The nineties ushered in a whole new love for r&b and rap for pivotal and inspired him to start rapping on his own.


At his adolescent years before being a teenager, pivotal moved to Houston, Texas where rock/alternative shined bright. The sounds of chopped n’ screwed of the city streets rang loud.

Music Capitol

Upon going to college, failing out of college, and revisiting college to obtain a degree…Pivotal found himself mashing all sounds of love for music. Spending time in the music capitol of the world adapted his ear to capture all sounds of life.


Pivotal currently travels and continues to make music, having the culture of his past guide him along with his growing love for music everyday.